Is Flower Farming For Me?

Is Flower Farming For Me?

Well, isn't that a loaded question! Great in theory but do I really want; constant dirty nails, exhaustion, early morning rises, lots of physical work and don't forget the potential of finding my slithery friends!? When put like that it does not sound very appealing at all but is that all it is? Of course not! It's being surround by beauty constantly, its being at one with nature, its breathing in fresh air, its soaking in the beautiful sun's rays and it's the happiness and joy it brings to so many. 

I discovered the joy of flower farming in 2016 when I attending the gorgeous Floret Farm in Washington in the USA for a 3 day intensive workshop. Although it was geared more towards floral design at that point we got to harvest from her beautiful little farm and I thought, how perfect would this be? It was one of the best and peaceful holidays I have ever been on and I want to recreate for you guys too

It took a while to become reality (as dream can sometimes) but I now have a plot of land on the Gold Coast to give it a red hot go!  My favourite flower is hydrangea so I started there but as it turns out, they don't love the area or at least the spot I chose. Not to plan but also not stopping me. We are in the middle of planning out where and exactly what we will plant and it is super exciting!

We hope to service other florists on the Gold Coast but also offer floral subscriptions, Floral couture and set design and also on-farm workshops where you too can have the best and unforgettable day on the farm creating magic with flowers that we've grown at Arched Poppy Farm.

Much love xx