About us

I love new ideas and I love to create! I have been a florist for the past 11 years and really enjoy being surrounded by such beauty and a wonderful slice of nature. Having had my own florist shop in the past I have become very accustomed to such a wonderful atmosphere and after selling my little florist I longed for this feeling again. That's when we (my husband, mother and kids) decided to buy a little slice of heaven on the Gold Coast hinterland and make it our own.

Currently we are building our dream home and establishing our little farm to be able help feed our family, friends and those in need but also as our own little FLOWER FARM (something I dreamed of since visiting Floret in the US back in 2016). We hope to bring all the prettiest flowers to your homes and florists around the coast and all without using chemical sprays.

We will be offering a floral subscription service where you can share in the beauty of nature by brining these flowers into your home or workspace. I also love Floral couture and  giant headpieces are my fave but I love making dresses, skirts, scarves, armbands, and more recently necklaces and rings. Use these at your next outing photoshoot and transform yourself into a Floral-ly Goddess or God!