Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Absolutely gorgeous! I don't think anyone can deny their beauty but what do they represent to the Japanese? Well... life, death and renewal, and although that doesn't bring on immediate feelings of joy and ease it does remind us to always be grateful for the times and seasons when we are fully in bloom. 

I got the opportunity to see these beauties first hand this April on a trip to Japan with my family and although they were not at the top of everyones 'to do' list it was definitely a must see for me. You can see them pretty much everywhere around the city but we went to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and they were spectacular!  Flowers are for most people, a way to bring happiness and peace to others and this is exactly what they did for us.

In life, we experience such beautiful transitions between moments when we have that Midas touch when everything is going right and we are radiating from the inside out and then there are times when it's hard and we must spend the time on ourselves to re grow and ready ourselves to bloom again. Cherry blossoms are a great representation of the cycles of life and it is a lovely reminder that even in hard times we must remember that we will be beautifully in bloom again soon.

Here at Arched Poppy Flowers we would love to help you see yourself In-Bloom again.

Much love xx